2 New Shirts for 'Predator' and 'Star Wars' Fans

Celebrate that culture of vicariously boldly going with these new shirts, sure to capture everything you like in unified mashup packages.
2 New Shirts for 'Predator' and 'Star Wars' Fans

Catch Interstellar this weekend? If you did, someone asked you how you liked it. And when you described it, you probably leaned on other epic space movies to describe it. Because we've never been to a galaxy far, far away ourselves. We just know its dangerous asteroid fields and loud explosions from the movies that took us there again and again, whether in that summer of '77 we still have the concert poster from, or in today's creepy 4D moviehouses. So celebrate that culture of vicariously boldly going with these new shirts, sure to capture everything you like in unified mashup packages.


Life's hard. Sometimes the CIA's got you pushing too many pencils, other times you try to score some weekend sand and sun but it's the pits. But take this happy truth home with you: no matter who's breathing down your neck in this life, it's not the baddest bounty hunter mashup in the known universe. This design by Redbubble master jkilpatrick joins our store, and hopefully your wardrobe, just in time for whichever '80s-themed event crops up next in your always-interesting, thankfully bountyless life.

2 New Shirts for 'Predator' and 'Star Wars' Fans

You looked twice, right? Because you've seen that Joy Division cover on so many T-shirts and (occasionally) albums, your eye scans past it. Designer Jaime Kuroiwa's the artist behind past Dispensary hits like our Federation Anarchy tee, and here he finds another sci-fi/malaise combo for the ages. His design won our album art parody T-shirt contest by freezing Han Solo in carbonite unknown pleasures. Get it on just about anything you can think of (thanks to our new friends at Society6), and strike back against anyone else's supposed fandom of all things 1979/1980.

Our First Non-Shirt Design Contest ...

... is here, is a doozy, and is the perfect chance to dream up your ideal phone. Our Disguising Your Phone contest asks you to find something you'd want printed on a case that'll protect your pocket computer and make it look like so much more. We're not just looking for neat patterns or general prints shoehorned into the size of a phone case. We are asking for designs that will make people look twice when they see it because it's so cleverly altered. Of course, ideally this means "disguise it as something the same general shape." Entries of phone-case-shaped pictures of random things will be deleted. HOWEVER: entries of badass designs that make any phone look like will win you $500 and a shoutout in this space. Contest ends Friday! Text your friends about it! That way they'll know it's happening, and you'll realize your current block of plastic simply needs to look awesomer.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Cases, pillows, duvet covers, and more are available to you at Society6. And S6 make damn fine T-shirts too. But in case your wandering eye needs convincing that those folks really can solve all your stuff-needs, here are the best five shirt designs we could find this week from the entire rest of the Internet. Check them out. We'll be too busy flexing in our new Fettator shirts to notice if you liked these, but we'll just trust you did and high-five each other a lot.


2 New Shirts for 'Predator' and 'Star Wars' Fans

Available at Naolito


lt. l MEGA Cyy

Available at Design by Humans



Available at Design by Humans


2 New Shirts for 'Predator' and 'Star Wars' Fans

Available at BustedTees


M Ryan Pedersen

Available at Redbubble

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