2 New Shirts for 'Jurassic Park' and 'The Avengers' Fans

Hulk and dinosaurs? What more could you ask for?
2 New Shirts for 'Jurassic Park' and 'The Avengers' Fans

Why are dinosaurs always the coolest? It's gotta be partly because of their size and endless variety and fearsome-predator vibe, but don't dragons and Titans and kaiju have the same qualities? In short, no. They are all pretend, and frankly it's weird that you didn't know that. Dinosaurs were actual terror monsters that eviscerated each other in epic battles and then had the foresight to jump into tar pits so that the future could marvel at them.


The Monsters of the Underground design came out of our contest asking for designs that repurpose a classic logo, and Jeremy Morrison mashed two icons together so well, we won't ever look at them the same way again. Most people on subways and metro systems and (in this case) Tubes don't think too hard about the fact that they're flying through past layers of their own city. Regardless of what you do or make every day, let this shirt be a little reminder that it's the stuff that stays underground that has the real lasting power.


What was your favorite part of The Avengers? If you like science or friendship, it was probably when Tony Stark and Bruce Banner talked technical details and suddenly fell in love with each other. And since the Hulk's less of a Randian technocapitalist freedom fighter and more of a pure-science bioclusterfuck, he deserves to finally get the evolutionary diagram treatment. This design from forum member Baznet breaks down hulking out step by diagrammable step, even throwing a tasteful H-bomb in the background. It's a shirt you'll wear again and again and like way too much to ever muscle-burst to shreds.

Life Finds a Way (To Make You Wait Till the Last Minute to Do Laundry)

You think it can wait, then you decide to get by another day or two, then you're wearing that teal/orange/company event-swag outfit you only wear to the laundromat.


It's a good thing we can help by stocking you up with all the dino tees we could think of. Why not head out with a pocketful of quarters in this tribute to the Lone Star State and the Lone Continent King?


And there's our original Thesaurus shirt, with its summery colors and herbivore class. If we could describe it in one word, we'd call it ... good. Yeah. Well, maybe a more interesting word than "good"? Can't think of one offhand.

We Have a New Contest

Hate every single one of our shirts and furious that anyone would buy them? Great! We'd like you to help us make a shirt you would buy. Each month we have a contest with a different prompt for new designs, and the winners get paid $500. Right now, we're asking you to pay homage to your favorite cultural icons in fiction or in history. Got a tear-worthy portrait you've been looking to make for the forgotten brother Luigi? Did you feel like Scott Summers always had to live in the shadow of Wolverine? We want to see these heroes get their due as much as you, and we're looking to make you a hundredaire.

Our Weekly Dose of Envy

While we've still got dinosaurs on the brain (does it wear off when you're, like, 50? 55? Ever?), isn't it great how you never have to pick just one? If you get bored with triceratops, just think about stegosaurus. If you burn out on that time a dilophosaurus killed Newman, imagine a dimetrodon sail-smacking his glasses off. And the world of T-shirts rocks just as much, because once you've checked out our shirts, there's a whole screen-printed ecosystem left to explore. We scouted it out for you, pulling our very favorite new designs from this week and assembling five of them right here. Get them before they're extinct or out of stock or whatever!



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2 New Shirts for 'Jurassic Park' and 'The Avengers' Fans

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2 New Shirts for 'Jurassic Park' and 'The Avengers' Fans

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