2 New Shirts for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and History Fans


Musical supergroups. Celebrity couples. Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. Whatever the famous team-up, we all go crazy for it and want its best swag for our own. Of course, all of those are real things (don't tell us Space Jam isn't a documentary), so our shirts take on the epic task of filling the gap between fictional team-ups and the tees they deserve. But don't thank us. Thank yourself for giving them a look.


History can be a dark place. It's nasty, brutish, and misunderstood, and a lot of the landmarks are things like war or famine or molasses that killed 21 people. So it's nice to remember there are heroes out there who spend their lives exploring the outer reaches of technology, art, Union-preservation, and more, making our world a better place. That optimism's packed into this contest-winning design from Timothy Lim, melding historic boldness with vintage DC do-goodery in one stylish package.


Oh sure, talking like Groot is great, and the whole team's good for cosplay. But are you looking for the perfect Guardians of the Galaxy T-shirt? Because we think Cracked fan am4013 made it. They won our design contest for typography silhouettes by boiling down the entire movie to its funniest single joke. After all, who needs metaphors when you've got amazing reflexes and zero weakness to ice and, most importantly, friendship? Get it in black so whenever we finally get to see Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team 2, you'll have the right tee for the premiere.

Team Up With Us

Both our new shirts came from design contest winners, who now have $500 cash prizes and real T-shirts and eternal fame. Our new design contest is your chance to get the same: we're looking for Team-Ups Too Perfect to Exist. Groot and Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy seem almost destined to be partners, and in that spirit we want you to think up the greatest team-ups that could possibly exist across all reaches of fiction and create a design that shows us why those characters are perfect for one another. Imagine how productive Freddy Krueger would be at killing if he had Jiggly Puff with him, putting everyone to sleep. Or how much shit the Law & Order team would get done if Batman was helping out. Post your idea in our forum thread by Friday, and if it's better than our current frontrunner (Gimli paired with Stooly the Talking Step Stool), wealth and glory can be yours.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Hey: what are you going to be for Halloween? Whether or not you know, there's (at least) 364 other days of the year you'll need something to wear. And since we don't make that many shirts (YET), we celebrate our favorite new designs from across the Internet in this space every week. Let's get you looking great every day, even when you're zombie walking around town.


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2 New Shirts for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and History Fans

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2 New Shirts for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and History Fans

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