2 New Shirts for 'Fear and Loathing' and '90s Fans


The last two months of the year go quickly, don't they? Is it because of how we psychologically process time, itself the craziest shit you take for granted every day? Or is it because the holidays push us to give and give and watch the NBA until we're too exhausted to take a little time for ourselves? Whether you're getting a jump on gift-hunting or treating yourself, our new store has your back. Pick out something great and feel like it's Christmas in November (which is Christmas with cranberry sauce!).

2 New Shirts for 'Fear and Loathing' and '90s Fans

Among his many talents, illustrator Mike Burns does a hell of a "Hunter S. Thompson's Face." The likeness is so good, it's clear as day who's on this shirt, even though the O.G. Gonzo journalist's chin is grafted onto the long face of the forest's noblest jealous boyfriend. Get this design on any of a horde of American Apparel T-shirt colors thanks to our new best friends at Society6, and wear something that's got just about all of American culture condensed into one bat-country-ready design.

2 New Shirts for 'Fear and Loathing' and '90s Fans

Remember being a kid and realizing you needed some villain toys to make your hero toys fun? You can't have your Blue Ranger karate-chop the family cat too often before you run out of opponents for your action figures. Redbubble regular DJKopet renders that duality perfectly in this yin-yang struggle between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Because just like Law needs Order and your little brother needed to just pretend to be Rita Repulsa even for like a minute, cartoon good and evil justify each other's existence in the most badass way.

Never Stop Pitching

Our designs are in more places in more ways than ever before. And even though we're not running a design contest right this second, the wheels of "that would be funny" never stop turning. Pitch us any T-shirt idea, without facing off against dozens of other competing contest entries, and if we like it you'll get $500 plus your T-shirt and a shout-out in this space. If you don't, you'll let somebody else's "Chester A. Arthur mashed up with a beloved PBS character" become the Cracked shirt of tomorrow.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Fall is about layering, and winter is about layering like your life depends on it. Either way, you need to stock up on clothes. And in case the riches of Society6 don't cover your every fashion need, we dug up our favorite new shirts by the Internet's other silkscreenin' clothiers. Order soon, because once the leaves are gone and the temperature's a real jerk, you'll wish you'd let your mailman bring you that problem's solution.

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