20 Movies That Have to Be Watched At Least Twice

‘The Thing’ gets better with every watch
20 Movies That Have to Be Watched At Least Twice

Some movies, you can watch once and be completely satisfied. “Well, that’s all I’m going to get out of that movie,” you say, content to cross one more fully actualized experience off your cinematic bucket list. This generally applies to blockbuster action movies, cartoons for babies and most (but not all) pornography.

Other times, you’re left staring at yourself as the screen fades to black and the credits begin to roll, muttering, “Wait, what?” You might immediately hit the “watch from beginning” button, or you might wait until later. You might watch it again once, or your rewatches might hit double or triple digits. Whatever the case, you will have to watch it again to pick up on everything you missed the first time.

Those are the movies Redditors named when user TommehBoi asked r/AskReddit, “Which films require more than one viewing to understand?”

Shutter Island

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Book of Eli




The Prestige

Fight Club

The Big Lebowski

What About Bob?


Run Lola Run

Mulholland Drive


The Thing

The End of Evangelion

Pulp Fiction

Ocean’s Eleven

Hot Fuzz

The Last Airbender

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