Rob McElhenney Wants to Turn the Viral Bus Hammock Video Into An ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Episode

The ‘Always Sunny’ co-star and co-creator is taking fan suggestions for the title
Rob McElhenney Wants to Turn the Viral Bus Hammock Video Into An ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Episode

If every bus in Philadelphia installed hammocks onboard, Dee still wouldn’t risk riding one ever again.

Right now, a huge part of the internet is debating the validity of a video that shows a man in a hammock that he tied to the high handrails of a public bus arguing with the driver over the public transit system’s hammock policy. In a TikTok posted by @SCOTTYKASH (and, as some have speculated, possibly staged by Kash), an irate man twirls around in his hanging bed while yelling objections at an impossibly patient bus driver who is simply asking him to emerge from his makeshift cocoon and rejoin his fellow passengers on the ground floor.

Between posts on TikTok and Twitter, the hammock video has amassed a combined 100 million views, many of which were from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans who pointed out that the video does seem scripted — by Rob McElhenneyCharlie Day and Glenn Howerton

McElhenney himself joined in to say that the entire incident might as well already a plot line for an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode — he just needs help with the title.

Among the most popular fan picks for the name of the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia hammock episode that's basically already been written were suggestions such as, “The Gang Fixes Public Transportation,” “Charlie vs. the State of Pennsylvania” and my favorite, “The Gang Solves the Homeless Problem.” 

Others suggested that Charlies bus hammock would do better as a B-story to another plot line entirely.

Still, many skeptical Twitter users are convinced that the viral video was completely staged, while some unamused naysayers argue that inconveniencing both a public service worker and an entire bus-full of commuters is hardly comedy material. To both of those groups, Id argue that, if it actually was Charlie Kelly in that hammock, the whole ordeal would be even funnier and make a lot more sense. After all, what kind of maniac would nearly kick off a bus driver's cap unless unless they were absolutely blasted on spray paint?


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