Joe Rogan’s Rabid Criticism of ‘The View’ Was Fittingly Anti-Science

Rogan attacked the hosts of the daytime talk shows and, once again, showed that he has zero understanding of viral diseases
Joe Rogan’s Rabid Criticism of ‘The View’ Was Fittingly Anti-Science

On Wednesday’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the podcasting king made two points perfectly clear – he absolutely despises the women of The View, and he has no idea how rabies works.

When Rogan sat down with Coleman Hughes, author of the book The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America and fellow at the conservative think tank The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, there was one topic Rogan couldn’t wait to tackle with his guest – The View. Last week, Hughes appeared on the popular daytime talk show where he and host Sunny Hostin engaged in an acrimonious debate over racial politics, poverty and the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Seeing as Rogan’s own show has often been described along the lines of “The View for drywall-punchers,” he had a personal stake in setting the record straight on what he considers to be one of the absolute worst shows on television.

Rogan said of The View, “It is a rabies-infested hen house.” It should be noted, however, that the rabies virus is exclusive to mammals, and, thus, cannot be spread by chickens. Whatever infestation Rogan’s imagining is probably best tackled with Ivermectin.

“It is the show that people love to hate,” Rogan said of The View to Hughes, who agreed with his host’s assessment. “They get so much hate watching and hate watching viral clips of them saying ridiculous things,” said the man who became the most popular podcaster on the planet through viral clips of him saying ridiculous things, like when he said of COVID-19, “Ivermectin alone is capable of driving this pathogen to extinction."

Now, to be fair, it’s not as if The View is some bastion for scientific understanding – just today, View co-host Ana Navarro accredited the much-discussed 4.8 magnitude earthquake in New York to acts of God, saying on the show, "Between the earthquake and the eclipse, I'm going to church this weekend!" 

"The real fans of The View," Rogan said on Wednesday’s podcast, "That are like, 'These ladies are on point. … They like, can't leave the house. They're immobile." They’re immobile because they’re dropping and covering, Joe. I'd hate to hear what horrible advice he'd give to those stuck in an earthquake – but I wouldn't be surprised if he already has a supplement for it.


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