78-Year-Old Ernie Hudson Says It’s ‘Nice to Be Noticed’ After Posting Thirst Traps at ‘Ghostbusters’ Premiere

The ‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’ star feigns innocence at the internet's obsession with his red carpet appearance
78-Year-Old Ernie Hudson Says It’s ‘Nice to Be Noticed’ After Posting Thirst Traps at ‘Ghostbusters’ Premiere

He has the tools, he has the talent, he has the proton-pack abs.

When 78-year-old Ernie Hudson walked the red carpet at the U.K. premiere of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire on March 21st, the greater Ghosbusters fandom was treated to a sight more massive and shocking than that of a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stomping through the streets of Manhattan like he’s King Kong — they saw Hudson’s bare biceps, and the internet broke. Clad in a tight-fitting T-shirt and a sturdy pair of jeans that made him look like he just walked off the set of an old Wranglers commercial, Hudson dazzled London with a physique that’s swoon-worthy at any age, leading to Twitter drowning his feed with thirst posts proclaiming things like, “Sweet baby Jesus I’m lusting after someone’s Grandpappy.” 

Speaking on the virality of his virility, Hudson innocently told PEOPLE that his revealing attire at the red carpet event was an accident and that he had no idea that his impressive appearance would cause such a primal reaction, claiming, “It’s nice to be noticed. It’s been a little bit of a surprise in the last couple of days.” 

That’s the kind of coy comment that’s only believable when there’s a steady paycheck in it.

“I’ve always been in what I consider fairly good shape,” Hudson said in an understatement that’s borderline supernatural. “But normally, when I do those press conferences, I’m usually in a suit or a sport coat.” Unfortunately for the more decorum-focused Brits in attendance at the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire premiere and fortunately for the DILF and GILF lovers of the internet, the sport coat Hudson was totally going to wear that night had a “smudge” on it, and he was forced to attend the event with his proton blasters on full display.

The father of four and two-time cancer survivor said of his personal approach to physical fitness, “I’ve always tried to be healthy. … My career hasn’t been about focusing on my physicality. The most important thing for me is just to try to maintain your health, just common-sense stuff.” However, he’s had some help maintaining his beefy figure well into retirement age, saying of the personal trainer whom he sees on a regular basis, “When I see this guy, he will put me through some stuff that I feel like for the next couple of days I’m going to be sore. As painful as it is, I actually kind of enjoy it.”

Now, the internet is enjoying the gain from Hudson’s pain as well, and his completely unplanned physique reveal may have helped Sony Pictures score some free viral marketing off of his veiny musculature. Barely a week after release, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire has earned over $100 million at the box office, and we’re still waiting for any of the entertainment analytics companies to get back to us on our questions about how many viewers purchased tickets just to watch Hudson reprise his role of Winston Zeddemore and possibly do some busting of their own.


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