23 of the Twistiest-Turniest Psychological Thrillers in Movie History

Want to feel like you’re being relentlessly hunted? Watch ‘No Country for Old Men’
23 of the Twistiest-Turniest Psychological Thrillers in Movie History

We go to the movies to feel all kinds of feelings — joy, despair, schadenfreude, horniness — but the emotion that quite possibly drives us most forcefully to the box office is fear. Scary movies have some of the most devoted fans out there, and it’s not hard to see why. By its nature, fear isn’t usually something we can experience without putting ourselves in danger, and movies are a lot cheaper than bungee jumping or roller coasters.

But not everyone can stomach the blood and gore. Besides, a slasher is loud and obvious in a way that flies in the faces of, say, your Hannibal Lecters and Rose Armitages, sometimes making them even scarier. So when r/AskReddit was recently posed the question, “Which is the best psychological thriller movie out there?,” Redditors had no problem conjuring the spirits that bypassed their guts to hit them straight in the brain.

The Others


Rear Window


The Talented Mr. Ripley

Get Out


No Country for Old Men


Jacob’s Ladder

Ex Machina


I Trapped the Devil





Silence of the Lambs

Fight Club

The Sixth Sense


Perfect Blue

Pan’s Labyrinth

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