10 ‘Simpsons’ Characters Even More Obnoxious Than Comic Book Guy

I’d rather spend four hours arguing with Comic Book Guy about Spider-Man than spend one minute with Skinner’s mother
10 ‘Simpsons’ Characters Even More Obnoxious Than Comic Book Guy

Every time on The Simpsons that Comic Book Guy chimes in with a “Worst fill-in-the-blank ever” he affirms his standing as one of Springfield’s most obnoxious citizens. However, there are a handful of Sprinfieldians (Springfielders?) even more insufferable than he is — with even more annoying catchphrases and/or less attractive personalities. Here are 10 Simpsons characters that make Comic Book Guy seem downright personable…

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Agnes Skinner

Principal Skinner’s mom is funny on occasion, but only in the way that she irritates her son. On her own, she’s as grating to the audience as she is to poor Seymour.

Dr. Marvin Monroe

Dr. Marvin Monroe was so annoying that his voice actor, Harry Shearer, requested that the character be killed off. Granted, that was just because Monroe’s voice irritated his throat, but we never needed him anyway — Dr. Nick is the only quack doctor Springfield needs.

The Yes Guy

As a character carried over from The Jack Benny Program — Google “Frank Nelson” — I actually kind of like “The Yes Guy” and his one-note personality, but I can’t imagine I’d find him quite as charming if I didn’t get the reference. 

Reverend Lovejoy

Like Agnes Skinner, Reverend Lovejoy makes a very funny character even funnier in how annoyed he is by Ned Flanders, but most of the time his droning makes viewers feel like they’re stuck in a never-ending Sunday sermon.

Helen Lovejoy

Helen Lovejoy’s piousness makes her just as obnoxious as her husband, but she doesn’t have a funny relationship with Ned Flanders to redeem her. Dear Lord, why couldn’t she have gotten blasted by that T-shirt cannon instead of Maude Flanders?

Maude Flanders

Actually, nevermind that. Maude Flanders’ trite optimism made her nothing more than a backboard for Ned Flanders’ funny lines, yet he’s only gotten more interesting since her demise. Perhaps it’s wrong to speak ill of the dead, but does that really apply to the fictional dead, too?


Gavin makes Nelson Muntz seem like an honor roll student. He’s only been in a few scenes, but the vitriol he uses to tell his mom to “shut up” is enough to last a lifetime.

The Screamapillar

The Screamapillar was an endangered species of caterpillar found in the backyard of the Simpson house. True to its name, it just screamed over and over again, repeating a gag that was unfunny the first time. If only Homer had stepped on him like he’d threatened to do when he first spotted this annoying bug.

Artie Ziff

I love Jon Lovitz’s particular brand of smarm, but it can get grating when it’s overused. On top of that, Artie Ziff was trying to get in between Homer and Marge, making him both obnoxious and a bad person.

Benjamin, Doug and Gary

Yes, Comic Book Guy is a nerd, but he’s practically the Fonz when compared to Benjamin, Doug and Gary, Homer’s nerdy roommates at Springfield University. For one episode, the contrast between them and Homer was kind of fun, but the show has brought them back more than a dozen times since with vastly diminishing returns.

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