22 Great Movies to Watch When You’re High

22 Great Movies to Watch When You’re High

Here in the days of legal weed, the process of consuming cannabis just isn’t all that cinematic. You stop into a nice boutique, select a product that’s barely distinguishable from a Target candy-aisle find, go home and maybe enjoy doing the dishes a little more than usual before you tuck in for the night. Yet the “stoner movie” genre has exploded from a handful of Cheech & Chong joints and propaganda films right up through the ‘80s to a handful of classics in the ‘90s to the last 20 years of forgettable hackjobs, dramatically overrepresented by Seth Rogen.

Perhaps it’s time to redefine the stoner movie from a story about stoners to one best enjoyed by them. One Reddit user wondered the same thing when they asked r/AskReddit, “If ‘stoner movies’ didn’t mean movies about smoking weed, but instead movies that are fucking amazing to watch while you’re high, what are your favorites?” 

Reddit responded with their best-loved trippy visuals, thought-provoking storylines and hilarious gags most enhanced by the giggle gas.

The Muppet Movie

2001: A Space Odyssey



Waking Life

V for Vendetta

Big Fish

Fantastic Mr. Fox



Apocalypse Now


Death to Smoochy

The Thing

Doctor Strange

The Revenant

Big Trouble in Little China

Last Action Hero




Withnail and I

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