The Best One-Star User Reviews of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

Not everyone is as smitten with Mac, Dee, Dennis, Charlie and Frank as they are with themselves
The Best One-Star User Reviews of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

With its outrageous, often offensive and always unhinged humor, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia isn’t everyone’s cup of tea — just ask anyone who votes for the Emmys.

To the ire of a select few critics and TV viewers, Rob McElhenneyGlenn HowertonCharlie Day and Kaitlin Olson’s smash-hit comedy is the longest running live-action sitcom in the history of television. In the decades since It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia first premiered in 2005, the show went from being a low-budget passion project from a bunch of relative unknowns to being one of the most influential shows on television with a massive and active online following that floods Twitter, Reddit and Instagram with its memes and inside jokes, creating one of the most impressive digital footprints of any show on TV. 

However, in some small corners of the internet (namely, the IMDb and RottenTomatoes user review sections), It’s Always Sunny has its detractors who don’t understand the adoration the show continues to receive almost 20 years after it first introduced audiences to the worst people in Pennsylvania and, possibly, the entire world.

Here are just a handful of the testimonials from the internet comedy community that doesn’t find It’s Always Sunny as barbarically charming as the rest of us, starting with…


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