20 Movies So Good They’re Bad

Some films are so great that you can only watch them once
20 Movies So Good They’re Bad

Everyone has their favorite movies that are so bad they’re good. These aren’t guilty pleasures, movies you genuinely enjoy even though nobody else likes them, but movies whose charm lies entirely in the sheer amount of ass they suck. This usually involves an imbalance of talent and effort — i.e., everybody is trying way harder than they can rightfully pull off, or a group of usually talented people have just given up and phoned it in. Either way, the result is hilarious.

But have you ever thought about movies that are so good they’re bad? Maybe everything is so perfect that it completely erases any hint of meaning or personality. More often, an examination of an overwhelming subject matter is just so effective that the experience becomes actively unpleasant. Whatever the case, when user F1SHreddit asked r/AskReddit, “What’s an example of a movie so good it’s bad?” Reddit had answers.

American History X

The Master



Brokeback Mountain


The Machinist

The Road

Schindler’s List

Saving Private Ryan

Requiem for a Dream

Boys Don’t Cry

Dancer in the Dark




The Dark Knight


Come and See

The King’s Speech


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