Nick Swarsdon Blames Stand-Up Meltdown On Edibles and High Altitude

Nick Swarsdon Blames Stand-Up Meltdown On Edibles and High Altitude

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Comedy fans had plenty of reasons to be concerned for Nick Swardson after the apparently (and now admittedly) inebriated comic was escorted away from the microphone during a set in Beaver Creek, Colorado last weekend. One person who doesn’t seem that worried about Swardson’s well-being? That’s Nick Swardson. 

“Just casually woke up on TMZ,” Swardson tweeted. “Travel tip: don’t drink and take edibles in high altitude. Fucking brain diarrhea. I’ll make it up to you Beaver Creek!” Seeing as Swardson had a near-death experience after a drinking episode gone awry in Denver a few years earlier, he should probably lay off the hooch when he’s visiting the mile-high state. 

The admission that this weekend’s incident involved both edibles and alcohol confirms that Swardson is no longer on the wagon, despite claims that he quit drinking a few years ago. His glib explanation for a set gone sideways inspired a variety of reactions, ranging from affection …

To anger …

To justified concern. 

Fans also had plenty of advice on how to get drunk/stoned at high altitudes, which seems to be missing the bigger picture. A more salient point was raised by @TheSuttleman76, who observed, “It’s a trend with you.” We’ve grieved enough comedians who sedated themselves to death. Here’s hoping Swardson doesn’t laugh off this latest incident before he ends up on TMZ for something even worse. 


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