David Spade, Comedy’s Golden Bachelor, Has Thoughts on the Actual ‘Golden Bachelor’

David Spade, Comedy’s Golden Bachelor, Has Thoughts on the Actual ‘Golden Bachelor’

David Spade says that The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner wasn’t completely forthcoming about his dating history before he started his quest for companionship. Apparently, Spade figured out that the women of the Playboy Mansion like a man who tells the truth.

On the surface, Spade doesn’t immediately strike you as a top-level showbusiness lothario of a George Clooney or Leonardo DiCaprio caliber, which is exactly why his legendary love life is that much more impressive. Some lady’s men aren’t born with the impossibly perfect features that scream “movie star” or “model’s baby daddy.” No, these 5-foot-7 kings of men must use their resourcefulness, their artistry and the vaguely defined but clearly identifiable quality now known as “rizz” to woo the world’s most beautiful and successful women. The Saturday Night Live veteran Spade is such a man — and he has some qualms with the conventionally attractive septuagenarian and possible Casanova conman who just stole the hearts of AARP-aged audiences across America.

During his appearance on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Spade gave his thoughts on the much-reported discrepancies between Turner’s confessed backstory on The Golden Bachelor and his actual personal history leading up to his time on the dating show where middle-to-advanced-aged women competed for Turner’s companionship. He did not, however, blast the Golden Bachelor producers for stealing his idea for a future retirement to The Villages.

“I was listening to Golden Bachelor on audio,” Spade joked at the top of the interview, “It’s a good idea — it’s a guy, he’s older, probably my age. … His wife passed away, he hasn’t dated since, he’s finally going to find his true (love).” However, Spade, like many other Golden Bachelor fans, read The Hollywood Reporter’s bombshell exposé on Turner’s dating history that revealed how, contradicting Turner’s claims that he “hadn’t dated in 45 years,” he had, in fact, enjoyed an active love life since his wife of 43 years tragically passed away, including a 10-month relationship with a former co-worker who was 14 years his junior.

Said Spade of the scandal, “After a while, some lady comes forward and goes, ‘You know, I dated him for nine months,’ and he’s like, ‘(pretends to puff cigarette) Oh, that skeezer? That was sort of a hit and run. Yeah, no. Don’t hate the player!’” Spade reacted, “Oh, he’s not exactly what I thought he was.”

Spade, on the other hand, wouldn’t have the luxury of hiding his dramatic romantic history should he host such a competition as The Golden Bachelor — in 2017, E! News crowned the Tommy Boy star their “Comedy Casanova,” detailing his long history of dating many of the most admired models and actresses in show business. The B-list bachelor’s list of exes includes Miss USA Kelli McCarty, Twin Peaks star Lara Flynn Boyle, actresses Teri Hatcher, Kristy Swanson, Krista Allen, Heather Locklear and Julie Bowen as well as Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace, with whom he has a daughter.

So, if anyone knows a thing or two about keeping it cool regarding your voluminous and voluptuous sexual history when courting a new companion, it’s Spade. Apparently, honesty is the best policy for older guys looking for new love — but a quick wit and veritable lion’s mane that lasts well into your fifties doesn’t hurt, either.


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