20 of the Best Fan Theories About Movies

‘Seven’ is set in Gotham before Batman existed
20 of the Best Fan Theories About Movies

Movies are a two-way street. It might feel like you’re just passively absorbing the sights and sounds of Tom Cruise’s latest death wish, but what you bring to the film is just as important as what the filmmaker brings to you. It requires engaging your critical mind to extract the subtext and ponder the deeper meaning below the surface layer. Also, in the case of 8 Mile, it’s literally a two-way street.

That’s where a good fan theory can be helpful. It can add a richer layer of meaning to an otherwise puddle-deep blockbuster, or if there’s a plot hole that doesn’t make sense, it can tie everything together with a neat little clarifying bow. Everyone has their favorite, as proven by Redditor froggysayshello when they asked r/AskReddit, “Movie buffs of Reddit, what is your favorite fan theory for any well-loved and popular movie?” They even drew out a few that even we hadn’t heard of.

The Lord of the Rings


Mad Max


The Wizard of Oz

Napoleon Dynamite

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Kill Bill: Volume 2

Reservoir Dogs



Jurassic Park


Back to the Future

Batman & Robin


Death at a Funeral


The Fast and the Furious

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