21 of the Most Memorable Movie Props

The leg lamp is an icon in its own right
21 of the Most Memorable Movie Props

Propmasters are the unsung heroes of Hollywood. They’re responsible for countless items in any given movie scene, the vast majority of which will go completely unnoticed by the average viewer. Like, when was the last time you noticed what kind of cup an actor drank from? Toothbrush they used? Sex chair they sat in? You know the answer to that last one as well as we do.

That brings us to today’s question. “Sometimes we always think about the actors, the overall set design and the story of a movie, but sometimes an object can become important and iconic and representative of a movie,” Redditor casellante23 recently told r/Movies. “Just think of the mustang in Bullitt or the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars!” 

They then asked, “What movie props are (as) memorable as the movie itself?” and Reddit revealed their suspicious devotion to inanimate on-screen objects.

A Christmas Story

Cast Away


Pulp Fiction


Star Wars

First Blood


Napoleon Dynamite


Blade Runner

Office Space

The Wizard of Oz

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Lord of the Rings

Jurassic Park

The Big Lebowski




Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

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