The Taylor Tomlinson Joke That Got Her Booted From Christian Comedy Circuit

Get ready to clutch your pearls.
The Taylor Tomlinson Joke That Got Her Booted From Christian Comedy Circuit

Taylor Tomlinson revealed a fact that only the most fervent Tomlinsonheads (sure, let’s say that’s a thing) knew about: She got her start on the Christian comedy circuit at only 16 years old. But as she told Stephen Colbert last night, it didn’t take long to lose her good standing among the followers of the Good Book. 

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The new host of After Midnight, the show that will follow Colbert starting later this month, confirmed that there is indeed a traveling circuit of regular gigs for Christian comics. But instead of performing jokes, Tomlinson says, “we called it testimony.” When that got a laugh from the crowd, the comic gave them the nod of approval. “You guys are good. I like you.”

But the Christian comedy circuit more or less canceled Tomlinson after she tweeted a joke that, while it contained no swearing or overtly dirty stuff, was unquestionably dripping with innuendo. “I was opening for one huge church comedian at the time,” she said. When the audience snickered at “huge church comedian,” Tomlinson admitted, “I know it sounds silly but it's real! Very talented comedian.”

Huge Church Comedian’s team called Tomlinson after she tweeted a joke and let her know that she had crossed the naughty line. The reps “were like, ‘Hey, we think you're great but we can't have any sort of suggestive material out there coming from you.’"

Tomlinson revealed that she eventually killed with the joke on late-night TV so she had no regrets. What was the suggestive punchline? Get ready to clutch your pearls, folks:

“I am like a wild animal in bed — way more afraid of you than you are of me.”

Colbert nodded in approval. “Fine joke,” he said. “Quality joke.” But was Huge Church Comedian’s team threatening Tomlinson with an ultimatum? Drop the joke or you’re out on your Christian behind?

Oh no, there was no ultimatum, Tomlinson said. “They were like, ‘It's on the internet. you're gone.’ There was no ‘change your ways.’" 

Notoriously Catholic Colbert lamented that, at least in this case, there was no forgiveness in Christian comedy. “No, no,” laughed Tomlinson, revealing that Huge Christian Comedian “gave your dates to someone else.” Apparently, that Matthew 18:22 verse about forgiving someone 77 times wasn’t in the guy’s Good Book reading that week. 


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