Mother God’s Co-Opting Robin Williams Might Be the Hardest Part of ‘Love Has Won’

The beloved comedian is ‘a very, very big part of this’
Mother God’s Co-Opting Robin Williams Might Be the Hardest Part of ‘Love Has Won’

There’s no shortage of bizarre aspects to the cult of Mother God, the central group in HBO’s disturbing docuseries Love Has Won. The cult had its share of oddities, from five-dimensional ascended states to leader Amy Carlson’s claims that she previously lived on Earth as Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and Marilyn Monroe. (Some energy beings get all the cool identities.) But little about the cult is more depressing than its co-opting of beloved comedian Robin Williams as one of its “messengers.”

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Cult members communed with Williams’ spirit on the regular, or so they claimed, as the comic’s … ghost? Energy? Essence? … was one of Mother God’s main ambassadors. In fact, Williams was the primary Galactic on her etheric team, a group of helpful souls that supposedly included an all-star line-up of comedy voices like Carrie FisherRodney DangerfieldGene Wilder, and Chris FarleyCarol Burnett was also on the squad, even though she’s still alive. So was Home Alone 2 star Donald Trump. These things are hard to explain.


But Robin Williams was the Big Kahuna. “He’s a very, very big part of this,” says one of the group’s main oracles, Archeia Hope, as reported by Salon. “And humanity is going to see that.” In simple terms? Robin Williams was in charge, delivering divine messages about how Carlson and her charges should be spending their time on this earthly plane. For example, Willams would tell Carlson (we’re guessing in his Genie voice from Aladdin) how many pounds she needed to lose to reach her ideal weight. His voice was especially loud when Carlson was drunk or stoned, the inebriation setting her vibrations to just the right frequency to hear his improvised comic shenanigans from beyond. 

The question is: Why Williams? Why not Richard Pryor or Joan Rivers or John Candy? Director Hannah Olson took a stab at a theory during an interview with The Los Angeles Times. “I think for latchkey kids of the ‘80s and ‘90s, celebrities filled in for the family members we wish we had,” she said. “Who wouldn’t want an uncle or a father like Robin Williams?”

Carlson passed away in 2021. According to cult lore, Robin Williams and the etheric team were scheduled to pick up her body in a spaceship. Not surprisingly, the dead celebrities never showed. Apparently, comics in the afterlife have more productive ways of spending their time. Before the cult imploded, bad or undesirable behavior was discouraged by communicating that “Robin Williams is disgusted.” If the comic is still floating around out there, I’m betting that’s what he’d think about the whole shebang. 


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