20 of the Best Movies Directed By Women

‘Lost in Translation’ is a classic
20 of the Best Movies Directed By Women

They say women do everything men do except backward and in heels — in fact, it’s a saying so old that it originally referred to Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, and you almost certainly can’t name a single one of their movies. In the intervening century or so, women have made great strides in the film industry, but they still don’t receive anywhere near the same recognition and opportunities as men.

That much was evident in a recent r/Movies post, which disappointed Redditor violetauto because “when I looked up all the directors, they were all men except for one or two.” They dug up a post about the best directors who are women, but noted that it was outdated as hell and “isn’t exactly a ‘best movies’ list.” They then asked for the “Best movies directed by women?” and we’ll be honest, it was mostly Kathryn Bigelow.

The Hurt Locker

The Virgin Suicides


Point Break

Women Talking

The Ascent

Mikey and Nicky

The Adventures of Prince Achmed

You Were Never Really Here

Real Genius

The Piano

Paris is Burning

A League of Their Own

Lost in Translation

Wayne’s World

Deep Impact


Red Road


American Psycho

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