26 of the Best Shootouts in Movie History

‘True Romance’ nailed it
26 of the Best Shootouts in Movie History

You know how they say there’s no such thing as an anti-war movie because even the most brutal depictions of war still make it look awesome? Well, they don’t even try with guns. Liberal Hollywood might spend their off-time campaigning for sensible firearm restrictions, but they know the best way to add excitement to an action scene is to put a gun in everybody’s hand. Good guy? Gun. Bad guy? Gun. Random guy walking by? Gun. Baby in a stroller? Baby in a stroller with a gun.

That’s why Redditor LovableJackassv4 recently asked r/MovieCritic, “What is the best shootout/gunfight scene in a way?” As a contribution, they simply posted a video of the final showdown in Enemy of the State — you know, the one where everyone’s shaking so much and the shots are flashing so fast it looks like a freaking rave. That’s a pretty good one, but Redditors had a whole lot more in mind.


The Matrix

Reservoir Dogs



Django Unchained

Black Hawk Down

John Wick


Open Range

The Boondock Saints

Children of Men

Inglourious Basterds

The Rock



The Town

True Romance


Kingsman: The Secret Service

The Way of the Gun

The Wild Bunch

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



Hard Boiled

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