21 TV Shows That Totally Borked Up Their Geographic Setting

According to ‘9-1-1: Lone Star,’ there’s a volcano in Austin, Texas
21 TV Shows That Totally Borked Up Their Geographic Setting

We all know almost every TV show is filmed in Los Angeles, no matter where it’s set, but we expect the wizards of television to at least try to hide that fact. In exchange for believing it never snows in Indiana, you’d better not show us palm trees. Sometimes, they get the look right, but they have a character with one leg and no car hobbling a perimeter of 10 square miles around the city in a single afternoon.

For Michigander (and Redditor) mrdalo, Mayor of Kingstown is a particularly sloppy mess. “I fully recognize that ‘Kingstown’ isn’t a real place in Michigan,” they conceded, before pointing out that “they already featured a death penalty episode, but Michigan doesn’t have the death penalty. The city full of prisons would be Jackson, and they claim in the opening episode it’s their only industry, but the show features a city on the water with shipping terminals and a petrol refinery. Michigan doesn’t have a huge refinery or giant shipping terminals. It’s like they are combining Bay City, Jackson, and… Gary, Indiana?”

They then asked r/Television, “What TV show got your state/city/country wrong?” and Redditors cited supposedly rural metropoles, implausible itineraries and a whole lot of mountains.



Jack Ryan






And Just Like That…

Family Guy

The Office


The Sandman

The Last of Us

9-1-1: Lone Star

The Killing


Outer Banks

Wu Assassins

Parks and Recreation


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