Britney Spears’ Manager Bashes Chloe Fineman’s ‘SNL’ Impression: ‘Did You Find Her on Craigslist?’

‘SNL is on life support. You all are pathetic.’ Other than that, pretty good!
Britney Spears’ Manager Bashes Chloe Fineman’s ‘SNL’ Impression: ‘Did You Find Her on Craigslist?’

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Not according to Britney Spears’ manager, Cade Hudson. While his Instagram account is privateDaily Beast reported that he put Saturday Night Live on blast over the weekend about a sketch depicting fake auditions to narrate Spears’ new audiobook version of The Woman in Me. The bit featured Chloe Fineman breaking out her Britney impression to introduce the possible narrators.

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“Wow. The writers of SNL are getting worse and worse,” Hudson wrote. “No wonder you all reached out to me to get Britney on the show… SNL is on life support. You all are pathetic and this Chloe (Fineman) isn’t funny. Did you find her on Craigslist or something?”

Regardless of whether or not you think Fineman does a good Britney Spears, it would be weird if Hudson is just seeing the impression for the first time. It’s about as close a thing to a recurring character as SNL does these days — it’s at least the sixth time Fineman has rolled it out, and the Britney impression is a pretty small part of the sketch. 

I can’t figure out what got Hudson’s underpants in such a bundle. While Fineman’s Spears impression hasn’t always been flattering in the past, there’s not much to get offended by this time around. Here’s what “Britney” has to say to open the sketch: I'M BEYOND TOUCHED THAT MY BOOK, THE WOMAN IN ME, HIT NUMBER ONE ON THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST, TO SAY THE LEAST. MY AUDIOBOOK IS READ BY THE AMAZING MICHELLE WILLIAMS. BUT SHE WASN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTED TO READ IT. HERE'S A PEEK AT SOME OF THE OTHER ACTORS WHO AUDITIONED TO READ THE WOMAN IN ME.

Aaaand… what’s the problem here? Britney has taken a lot tougher shots than this from Fineman herself. She certainly comes off dumber in SNL’s many Britney Spears talk show spoofs.

Ironically for a mimic possibly found on Craigslist, the sketch mainly exists as a showcase for Fineman’s prodigious impersonation skills. In addition to Spears, Fineman also skewers host Timothée Chalamet (twice), Natasha Lyonne, and Julia Fox — all meaner impressions than the Spears mock. 

Hudson was hot under the collar but what about Britney? If she was mad, she wasn’t showing it on Instagram. Instead of bashing SNL comics, Spears was spreading the Taylor Swift love. 

“She's stunning !!!” gushed Spears. “Girl crush.” See, Cade, it’s not so hard to use social media for nice things. 

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