These Are the States Where Chuck Lorre Can Still Abort His ‘Pre-Natal’ ‘Big Bang Theory’ Spin-Off

All the states where his ‘first trimester’ franchise continuation can still be safely canceled
These Are the States Where Chuck Lorre Can Still Abort His ‘Pre-Natal’ ‘Big Bang Theory’ Spin-Off

Chuck Lorre says that his rumored spin-off series based on The Big Bang Theory intended to stream on Max is “prenatal” – does that mean it’s too late for Plan B?

Back in 2017, the CBS prequel to The Big Bang Theory, the astoundingly successful Young Sheldon, opened up foreplay on a potential TBBT television universe. Young Sheldon's prosperity proved that the smash hit sitcom about nerds who share apartments and stare at women with the hunger of an acne-ridden Rancor bearing down on a helpless Gamorrean is, concerningly, fertile for progeny, and Warner Bros. Discovery apparently took note – the TV giant announced that it was developing a spinoff series for the franchise earlier this year.

In a recent talk with TVLine, Lorre gave a hesitant non-update on the progress of what is, essentially, a spinoff zygote, saying, “Yeah, you don’t talk about the birth until the second trimester, I believe, is the rule. That’s a long way of saying no, I’ve got nothing to say about it other than it’s something that we are discussing.” In a post-Roe world, which state lines would Lorre have to cross to terminate this TV doomspawn?

Critically, it’s hard to identify exactly how far along this spinoff spawn is in its development – though the project was announced in April, Lorre implied that it’s still in its first trimester. Idaho, both Dakotas, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia all have full abortion bans, meaning that Lorre will be forced to carry the cursed sequel series to a full 9-season term in the bulk of red states. Nebraska and North Carolina both have 12-week bans with Utah, Arizona and Florida all banning abortions between 15-18 weeks, meaning that Lorre had until about July of this year to make some poor Mormon doctor in suburban Salt Lake City snuff out The Big Bang Bastard before it reached premiere night.

That means that Lorre could still legally cancel the franchise fetus in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont and Maine. And, if you don’t see your state on this list, I hope you made it to the polls today.

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