20 Movies People Love Despite the Haters

Rotten Tomatoes scores aren’t welcome here
20 Movies People Love Despite the Haters

Are you one of those people who checks the Rotten Tomatoes score of every movie you’re even thinking about watching? Or maybe you never even consider watching particular movies because of how bad you always hear everyone say they are. Well, stop it. That’s no way to go through life. That’s how you miss out on A-plus jokes like, “You mean you’ve actually been sitting around eating sticks of butter from different lands?”

The truth is, just about everybody’s got at least one movie they’ll love until death do they part despite the haters, as proven by the more than 1,000 comments on a recent r/movies thread. Equivalent_Ad_9066 declared, “I wanna know what films (are) guaranteed to get a viewing out of you, no matter how people within your inner circle, critics, or reviewers feel or say about it.” 

As you’ll see below, points were made.



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