The Hilariously Filthy Tweets That Showed Just How Funny Sinéad O’Connor Could Be

Her sense of humor was as impeccable as her voice
The Hilariously Filthy Tweets That Showed Just How Funny Sinéad O’Connor Could Be

Whether you wanted to hear what Sinéad O’Connor had to say or not, she was the voice of a generation. But lost in the shadow of her legacy-defining SNL moment is one thing that she didn’t often get credit for: She was as funny as the place she thinks Pope John Paul II is roasting right now. 

Better yet, O’Connor was funny without ever having to try too hard at. She merely spoke her mind, often without a filter, stumbling upon a hilarious punchline in the process. Case in point: Following the 2022 death of her son Shane, Piers Morgan practically begged the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer to appear on his talk show Piers Morgan Uncensored. Not only did O’Connor reject the invitation, she publicly shared the scathing email “For Piers” that she had sent to the network: 

Her response, which was a simple observation of Morgan’s own behavior, has circulated since her passing and has everyone pointing out how the songwriter always had a profound way with words — musically or otherwise. 

She also appreciated comedy, seemingly even at her own expense. Back in 2011, horniness got the better of her and she very publicly broadcasted her insatiable thirst. Her timeline became laden with graphic gems like, “A good nine-incher up the chocolate wiz-way would probably take my mind off it,” and “1 U.S guy e mailed simply saying ’I’m a great ass-fucker’ now why can’t Irish guys use such great opening (pardon pun) lines?”

After seeing the singer get so horny on main, Dublin-based producer Liam Geraghty made the inspired decision to preserve the “hilarious, filthy tweets” and create a montage of them cleverly set to O’Connor’s cover of “Someday My Prince Will Come.” After she listened to it, O’Connor emailed Geraghty with the highest praise possible: That she had “pissed her Levi’s.” 

Nothing compares indeed.

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