Pete Davidson’s Mom Had A Burner Account to Fight Off His Trolls

Pete Davidson’s Mom Had A Burner Account to Fight Off His Trolls

Even when vicious online trolls are out to take you down, it’s nice to know someone has your back. In the case of comedian Pete Davidson, he used to have an online Twitter champion named @JoeSmith1355. If “Joe Smith” sounds like a generic name, your bullshit-sniffing nose definitely works because @JoeSmith1355 was actually a burner account for an even bigger Davidson defender — his mom, Amy.

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It was like my second or third year (on Saturday Night Live), and it was a lot of not-useful, typical Twitter comments, Davidson explained on the Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers podcast. My mom made a fucking fake Twitter account under the name @JoeSmith1355 and would respond to everyone. 

The problem? “Joe’s” answers were a little too detailed, implying that this was not some generic Davidson superfan but rather someone who knew him pretty darn well. “It was so specific,” Davidson admitted. “Like, Actually, I heard he’s working on himself and does that quite often.’”

As it turns out, it didn’t take a BS-sniffing nose to figure out the burner account’s real identity. “This was the kicker,” Davidson continued. “Everyone found out it was my mom, not through detective work. They found out because her username was @JoeSmith1355, but her profile name was Amy Davidson and the profile picture was Amy Davidson. D’oh! Dead giveaway.

Amy Davidson had her son’s back, and apparently, he has hers as well. Davidson has cast some of Hollywood’s most prominent actresses — namely, Marisa Tomei and Edie Falco — to portray her in King of Staten Island and Bupkis. “My mom’s a Staten Island Tri-State mom,” he told the Meyers boys. “Just imagine getting that phone call (with the casting news). It means a lot to her, it’s really cool.”

Seth Meyers (we think it was Seth? He and podcast partner Josh Meyers sound a lot alike!) tried to come up with another real-life person who has been portrayed by actors of that caliber. After some deliberation, he concluded, “I think it’s your mom and Queen Elizabeth.”

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