We Spent the Afternoon Trying to Find Fans of Pete Davidson’s ‘Bupkis’

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We Spent the Afternoon Trying to Find Fans of Pete Davidson’s ‘Bupkis’

The news dropped today that Peacock is signing up for more Bupkis, the shaggy Pete Davidson bio-sitcom that hasn’t exactly enjoyed stellar reviews. “Pete Davidson flops,” wrote Variety. “Much of the series comes across as a first-draft effort,” add the Hollywood Reporter. And mean headlines at CNN griped, “Pete Davidson is the worst part of a series about being Pete Davidson.” 

So if the critics think Bupkis is so lousy, why the renewal? Since streamers like Peacock don’t release ratings numbers, we went out in search of the show’s actual fans for an explanation.

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We started our investigation on Reddit, where a r/bupkis subreddit exists but doesn’t seem especially active. New clips are uploaded from time to time, but there isn’t a lot of actual discussion. For example, 18 days ago, someone uploaded the scene where John Mulaney and Davidson discuss rehab. That’s a big-time cameo and a hot-button topic! But the number of comments? Zero. A long scroll through ho-hum posts didn’t turn up a single entry with double-digit engagement, with many sporting the same “0 comments” underneath. If Bupkis superfans exist, they don’t live here.

Next, off to Facebook, where a group dedicated to Bupkis kinda exists. With only 90 members, it has to be one of the smallest bands of devotees on the site, with only 20 posts total. Most are barely viewed, too — “seen by 33” is a typical marker on the group’s few attempts at conversation. But judging from the handful of posts, those Facebookers who’ve bothered to join this group are into Bupkis. “I love this show!” has 9 likes and one comment: “Me too.”

The most promising site for Bupkis fans appears to be our third stop, Rotten Tomatoes, where the show has an audience score of 89 percent. Pretty good! In fact, this must be the place that convinced Peacock we needed to see more Davidson hanging with Uncle Pesci. “Its so refreshing to see writers take risks again!” gushes Nina P. “This show needs a second season STAT.”

“Hilarious show and very heartwarming at times,” applauded Adam F. “Pete and Joe are an outstanding duo! Loved all the celebrity cameos as well. Finale was wild!”

“Although I was a Davidson fan I didnt fully appreciate his capabilities,” admitted Karen M. “I watched the first two episodes mostly in awe of this awesome piece of work.”

Fans like these are more than enough to make us ignore the one-star reviews (“Pete Davidson is insufferable,” writes SD; “Watched this POS for about a half an hour and there wasn't a single laugh,” said Bill D.).  

We can’t wait to revisit these sites next year to hear what fans dont have to say about Season Two. 


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