Whitney Cummings Starts ‘Matt Rife Is the Father’ Pregnancy Rumor

Whitney Cummings Starts ‘Matt Rife Is the Father’ Pregnancy Rumor

Congratulations, Whitney Cummings!  The 40-year-old comedian, whose recent OnlyFans roast featured an endless string of nasty jokes about how she’d never be a mother, recently announced that she’s having a baby. Even more exciting? She tweeted back at TMZ asking the gossip site to start a juicy rumor about daddy.

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Kidding! She’s kidding! But that didn’t stop Rife from getting in on the joke.

Cummings announced her pregnancy two days earlier on Instagram, including a sonogram image in which L’il Fetus Cummings appears to be holding a stand-up microphone. “In these pix I am with child. And there’s a baby in me too. Human pup coming December,” she wrote. And apparently, she’s going to take a page out of the Ali Wong playbook, not letting a little pregnancy keep her from the comedy stage. “All tour dates in 2023 still happening I just may fall over a couple times.”

Sites like the U.K.’s Daily Mail are speculating on the actual identity of the father — we’ll refrain — but for her part, Cumming’s not flying a paternity flag. She has, however, been forthcoming about her intention to have a child. Earlier this year, she appeared on Today and told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager that she had frozen some eggs and this was the year she was going to try for a pregnancy. Mission accomplished. 

But since Cummings and Rife are both on tour throughout the rest of this year, wouldn’t it be a missed opportunity if they didn’t hook up? Professionally, we mean — a Cummings/Rife double bill at some point on their respective tours would not only be a fun night of comedy but a surefire way to fan the TMZ flames one more time. They’ve already talked about Cumming’s planned pregnancy on her Good for You podcast so let’s just call it Part Two. 

If Rife’s sudden rise to comedy fame has taught us nothing else, it’s that a little self-promotion goes a long way.

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