Chris Rock ‘Fans’ Now Peeping from His Fire Escape

This is the ‘Rear Window’ reboot no one asked for
Chris Rock ‘Fans’ Now Peeping from His Fire Escape

Chris Rock seems to have found himself in a real-life reboot of Rear Window that he wants no part in. According to TMZ, the comedian called the police from his SoHo apartment Sunday night after noticing a Peeping Tom on his fire escape with a camera in hand and an apparent intent to film him. 

If the set-up alone doesn’t sound like it was ripped straight from a movie, more details shared with New York Post extend the plot. Prior to cops arriving, sources said that the alleged voyeur was spooked, jumped to the ground and hopped into a white Mercedes before peeling away from the scene. He was described as wearing a dark jacket and pink Crocs and believed to be in his 20s. 

Although the description of the perp matches half of Lower Manhattan’s Gen-Z population, the authorities are still investigating the incident in the hopes of finding the lurker.

While Rock was understandably shaken, the incident will likely give him material for his next stand-up set. His latest special, Selective Outrage, smashed Netflix viewership records and addressed that infamous Oscar slap during its March airing. 

Here’s to hoping that someday the comedian can return to comedy that’s not rooted in trauma. 

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