13 Dark Humor Jokes from Samantha Bee

Few navigate the darkness of the modern news cycle as sharply as Bee
13 Dark Humor Jokes from Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee is the cream of the crop of modern-day comedy pundits. Ever since starting as a correspondent on The Daily Show — and later on her own show Full Frontal — Bee has been tackling controversial topics with a stinging, acidic wit. The key to it all lies in her fearlessness in taking risks to point out societal woes without holding back the dark truths that we can’t help to laugh at (so as not to cry).

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For your edification, here are some of the funniest bits of dark humor that Bee has ever uttered...

On Donald Trump

On Jon Stewart and ‘The Daily Show’

“If it weren’t for Jon, I’d probably be one of those Disney princesses who comes to children’s birthday parties and introduces them to the harsh truth about aging.”

On Birthdays

“I hate birthdays. I thought that I only hated my own birthday, and then I realized that I hate my children’s birthdays, too.”

On Texas

On the Mueller Report

“I don’t want to say the Mueller Report was excessively redacted, but there was so much black on it that Trump demanded to see its birth certificate. It was so black that Trump thinks it should get the death penalty for a crime it didn’t commit.”

On the Iowa Caucus

“Normally, the winner gets the Iowa Bump, and now that does not mean doing cocaine in the Pizza Ranch toilets.”

On Menopause

“Perimenopause usually lasts about seven years but can also take as long as 14 because God is not real, or if she is, she’s one of those stuck-up bitches that hates other women and calls herself a ‘guy’s gal.’”

On White Supremacy

“The only thing white supremacists are actually better at than brown people is terrorism and wearing shorts with the most pockets.”

Her ‘Daily Show’ Farewell

While Bee’s time at The Daily Show was a bright one for Stewart and viewers, she touched upon several dark subject matters, from abortion to lighting babies on fire to hot Carls at the Republican National Convention.

On the (Alleged) Trump Pee Tape

“There are more Trump golden shower jokes on the internet than there are golden shower videos.”

Texas Abortions

In a dated-yet-still-sadly-relevant piece, Bee investigated the knowledge of basic women’s health care in the Lone Star State. It was equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

During A Richard Nixon Roast

“Roger Ailes believes that the press has a liberal taint, but how would he know? He’s too busy licking Nixon’s.”

Her ‘Daily Show’ Piece on Parenting Alongside Your Rapist

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