What Was Steve Martin Doing in Front of Joe Rogan’s Comedy Club?

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What Was Steve Martin Doing in Front of Joe Rogan’s Comedy Club?

We’re having a hard time picturing Steve Martin and Joe Rogan hanging out. Despite both guys starting in stand-up comedy, they just have different vibes, you know? And yet, there was the silver-haired Martin posting pictures of Rogan’s Comedy Mothership over the weekend. What in the actual hell?

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And thus begins a Twitter mystery: What in the world was Martin doing at Rogan’s comedy club in Austin? Why was he offering his gratitude? Is that actually Martin’s scooter? Did two comedy universes collide and somehow not make a noise? We have a few theories as to what went down…

Theory #1: Martin Performed a Super-Secret Comedy Set on Saturday Night

Not entirely impossible! After all, Martin and Martin Short were performing in Austin on Saturday, appearing at Bass Concert Hall as part of their “You Won’t Believe What They Look Like Today” tour. Let’s say Short and Martin finished up the show around 9:30 p.m. Maybe Short was meeting some old friends for brisket. What if the Steep Canyon Rangers wanted to get back to the hotel to catch the end of the Nuggets/Lakers game? Is it possible that a restless Martin wandered over to the Mothership and asked Rogan if he could do a tight 20, despite not having performed solo stand-up since the early 1980s?  

The fact that not a single Twitter reply actually mentions seeing Martin perform makes this scenario unlikely. UNLESS EVERYONE WAS SWORN TO SUPER-SECRECY.

Theory #2: The Illuminati Prevented Martin from Performing

Fans of The Joe Rogan Experience know that a juicy conspiracy theory is just as good as reality. So what could Martin be trying to tell us here? Perhaps the implication was that Martin was going to play Rogan’s club, but rogue FBI agents, acting as “agent provocateurs,” prevented the gig as a means to discredit theories linking Nazis to alien life. The fact that we haven’t heard a peep about this potentially explosive story just lends credence to the idea that the Deep State doesn’t want us to know it actually happened. 

Theory #3: A Clueless Martin Had No Idea This Was Rogan’s Club But Thought the Joint Had a Cool Sign

Occam’s Razor says this might be it. But we’re still going with the Nazi/alien connection.

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