Did Chevy Chase Ruin the Name ‘Chevy’?

There’s a small society of Chevys suffering from Chase’s myriad misdeeds
Did Chevy Chase Ruin the Name ‘Chevy’?

Although there is great variety when it comes to naming your child, one thing is certain: You don’t see a lot of Chevys anymore. According to the Social Security Administration, the last time the name Chevy was most popular was 2014, with the word “popular” being used very loosely, as it accounted for only 237 unlucky babies. 

Why aren’t we seeing any young Chevys roaming around anymore? We can likely thank Chevy Chase for that. The man has a history of being so awful that his Comedy Central roast was less an exercise in playfulness and more of a vicious (and long overdue) comeuppance. Along those lines, a recent tweet from the Fuck Every Name bot uncovered a small society of Chevys who are suffering from Chase’s many misdeeds: 

Baby names being tarnished by a singular person isn’t an uncommon occurrence with other instances including horrific world leaders, catastrophic hurricanes and Harvey Weinstein. But between degrading Terry Sweeney, SNL’s first gay performer; using racial slurs in the presence of Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown, his Black co-stars on Community; and sexually harassing female writers, it makes sense that parents might not want their newborn to share a name with one of comedy’s most-hated men

After all, who would want to endure everything that comes with the miracle of life just for everyone’s first thought to be a racist curmudgeon who now shills for fried-chicken chains?

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