The 13 Best Dark Humor Jokes About Murder

Comedians killing it on the subject of killing
The 13 Best Dark Humor Jokes About Murder

To end someone else’s life is to take away everything a person is and everything they could be. It can be heinous, tragic, arguably justified in certain cases and sometimes very funny.

After all, one of humanity’s greatest strengths is to take something like the worst crime a person can commit and turn it into a joke. With that in mind, here are some of the darkest humorous takes that pop culture has unleashed involving murder...

John Mulaney Loves ‘The Jinx’

“This guy is so good at being on TV. (Robert Durst) killed three people, and yet you’ll watch him and go, ‘I like this guy!’ No one on the O.J. Simpson trial won an Emmy!”


This is the best movie based on a board game ever (some say by default) and has plenty of jokes regarding murder, including the accusations that Mrs. White killed her husband.

Ali Macofsky on Murder Shows

“I do learn a lot from murder shows. I know that I shouldn’t ‘start my day like any other.’”

Andrew Schultz Thinks Ted Bundy Is the GOAT

Happy Death Day

In the film, the main character revisits the day of her death over and over again until she solves her own murder before it happens, leading to a series of hilarious murder scenes.

‘Saturday Night Live’s Teen Girl Murder Suspect

Will Ferrell’s Suffering in ‘Austin Powers’

While being in brown-face is a big yikes, Ferrell still delivered laughs as his character kept surviving Dr. Evil’s murder attempts.

Donald Glover on Crazy Boyfriends

“Every man in this room has a crazy woman story. Why don’t women have crazy men stories? I don’t really hear them. Then I realized, ‘Oh, it’s because if you have a crazy boyfriend, you’re gonna die.’”

Jim Gaffigan Discussing Murders on ‘Dateline’

“At one point, Dateline just went all in on murder. And it’s usually spousal murder. If you watch Dateline, it appears that most marriages end in murder. Every episode starts the same, ‘They had the perfect marriage.’ But you know someone’s getting killed — a husband, a wife. Sometimes they get someone else to kill their spouse, which seems impersonal. You took a vow, do it yourself!”

Norm Macdonald Got Fired Over O.J. Simpson Murder Jokes

As the anchor of SNL’s Weekend Update, Macdonald constantly slammed alleged murderer and NFL star Simpson, which apparently upset Simpson’s friend and NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer. So much so that Macdonald claimed his constant barrage of O.J. murder jokes is what got him fired from the show. Worth it.

‘Saturday Night Live’s Takedown of ‘Dateline’

Speaking of Dateline, SNL’s Dateline sketch shows off the gruesome nature of the show, and Bill Hader chews the scenery as a reporter who is way too into murder.

Anthony Jeselnik Just Goes For It

“I don’t believe in ‘too soon.’ I’m on a tight schedule. The day of the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie theater shooting, the day it happened, I went online. I went on Twitter, and I tweeted, ‘Other than that, how was the movie?’”

George Carlin on Killing and the Human Condition

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