Twitter’s Blue Check Nonsense Has Chosen a Jimmy and It’s Not Kimmel

Twitter’s Blue Check Nonsense Has Chosen a Jimmy and It’s Not Kimmel

Elon Musk chose 4/20 (because of course he did) to finally purge all of the blue checkmarks from accounts that refused to pony up the $8 a month required to keep them. Among those who decided not to play along? Oprah, the Pope, Rupert Murdoch, that whole crew. As for comics? Most celebrity funny people are refusing on principle. 

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to actually find a comedian with a blue checkmark. But one guy is still rocking the “I paid!” emoji, and Jimmy Kimmel is trolling him.

Yep, that would be another one of late night’s Jimmies. “I lost my blue check,” said Kimmel, “but Jimmy Fallon got to keep his blue check. I guess it means he’s the only real Jimmy now.” 

Paying for external validation does seem like something Fallon would be down for. But is he actually spending the cash? Elon Musk has been sprinkling his magic checkmark dust around Twitter, popping for various celebrity accounts because … Elon Musk, we guess? The fact that the official Tonight Show Twitter isn’t verified suggests that Fallon’s nod might be a random gift from the Twitter gods. Or Fallon wants love. Both things can be true!

Meanwhile, Musk has been bestowing the blue to celebrities who have explicitly said they don’t want them, so step aside for the real troll, Kimmel. 

Lebron and King think blue is BS? Too bad, fellas!

Keep watching, folks -- this thing is going up in flames faster than a SpaceX rocket. 

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