The Funniest Charlie Murphy Jokes and Moments for the Comedy Hall of Fame

Without Eddie’s older brother, there would be no ‘I’m Rick James, bitch!’
The Funniest Charlie Murphy Jokes and Moments for the Comedy Hall of Fame

The late Charlie Murphy may have started his comedy career by following in little brother Eddie Murphy’s footsteps, but he never walked in his shadow. And the legacy he left behind was that of a brilliant storyteller, writer, comedian and actor, which we honor today by inducting 10 of his funniest jokes and moments into the Comedy Hall of Fame.

Stinky the Grump, ‘Chappelle’s Show’

We only wish that Kneehigh Park got its own spin-off series.

The Mad Real World, ‘Chappelle’s Show’

“Well, lookie here, Chad — for the entirety of when you’re in my room, I better not catch you standin’ up peein’. You sit down when you pee, understand?”

Ed Wuncler III, ‘The Boondocks’

“In fact, I shit on my self over a dozen times.”

Black Jesus

“That’s the end of that shit, ain’t it?”

On Pollen

“I enjoy the spring, but the spring is also hay-fever season. There’s a lot of folks walking around, sneezing and hacking. You know, pollen is everywhere. But do you ever think of it for what it truly is? Vegetable sperm. Think about it: Once a year, the wind blows at the right time, it’s the right temperature, it hits the tree’s central nervous system. The trees start trembling, then they have an orgasm, a cloud of green dust comes off and it starts floating around. We call it pollen, but it’s actually vegetable sperm. So when you be walking around sneezing and hacking and coughing — that’s sperm. I know a lot of y’all are kind of shocked right now to find out you’ve been taking it to the face your entire life from the trees.”

Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories, ‘Chappelle’s Show’

Murphy’s recounting of the night Prince challenged his crew to a game of basketball is total legend.

‘Eddie Murphy: Delirious’

Early on in Eddie’s career, Charlie worked as head of Eddie’s security detail. And when a lady in the audience tried to heckle Eddie, you can hear Charlie’s voice shutting it down real quick, Eddie rolling with it seamlessly.

Jizzy B., ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’

Dude’s got mink curtains.

On Meeting the Klan

“He tore his mask off — CHARLIE MURPHY!”

More Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories from ‘Chappelle’s Show’

If you haven’t seen the Rick James installment, watch it. If you have seen it, watch it again.

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