Melanie Lynskey Wants to Do a Romcom, Says Her Chemistry With Paul Giamatti Was Too Steamy for the Big Screen

Like Marisa Tomei, the man of Melanie Lynskey’s on-screen dreams is a stocky bald man
Melanie Lynskey Wants to Do a Romcom, Says Her Chemistry With Paul Giamatti Was Too Steamy for the Big Screen

Melanie Lynskey claims that her and Paul Giamatti have a “special chemistry” — as if anyone who meets John Adams himself doesn’t immediately feel like they’re the only two people in the world.

Yellowjackets Season Two is set to premiere on March 26th, and the cannibalistic survival thriller’s biggest star is looking for the next stepping stone to continue her momentum. Last night, Lynskey spoke to Jessica Shaw of SiriusXM at the 92nd Street Y in New York, and she revealed that, like many of Hollywood’s beefy action stars, she wants her next project to be a romantic comedy. Specifically, she wants to do a romantic comedy across from one special suitor — Lynskey says that Giamatti has been her ideal on-screen hubby for over a decade.

When asked what her next move will be following a featured role in HBO’s breakout hit The Last of Us and the return of her Emmy-nominated Yellowjackets, Lynskey replied, “Right now, all I can think is that I want to do a comedy.” The perennial indie film darling explained that her dream project has always been a rom-com with a former co-star from a lesser-known 2011 dramedy Win-Win

In the Tom McCarthy project, Giamatti starred as a small-town attorney and wrestling coach who gains custody of a dementia-riddled elderly man and his star athlete grandson. Lynskey appeared as the daughter and mother respectively of Giamatti’s wards, and, despite the convolutedness of that description, the chemistry she shared with the Sideways star was absolutely electric. Said Lynskey, “Years ago I did a movie with Paul Giamatti, and they had to cut a couple of scenes because we had too much chemistry.” 

To clarify, Lynskey and Giamatti’s characters in Win-Win were in no way supposed to come off as a romantic pairing — in fact, their relationship in the film was largely adversarial as Lynskey tried to win back custody of her father and her son after a stint in rehab. That kind of complicated family drama doesn’t seem like it has room for disruptive “do me” vibes radiating off of its opposing players.

Now, a dozen years after she discovered her insatiable lust for the two-time Golden Globe winner, Lynskey wants to start where she and Giamatti left off. With Lynskey’s star continuing to rise as her projects pull impressive viewership, it seems very possible that we could finally see the sparks fly that audiences in 2011 weren’t ready for. 

Lynskey better bring a bottle of wine to the eventual table read — just remember, no f—ing merlot.

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