History’s Horniest King

Alfonso XIII of Spain had endless affairs, tons of illegitimate children (in addition to seven with his wife) and a sideline in commissioning pornography for his own private consumption

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Billy Crystal Posts ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Thirst Trap

Billy Crystal Posts ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Thirst Trap

It was Billy Crystal’s 75th birthday yesterday, and to commemorate the auspicious occasion, he took to Twitter with a throwback thirst trap designed to set When Harry Met Sally stans’ hearts aflutter.

Soulfully staring into the camera in a cable-knit sweater, a still youthful Crystal used the side-by-side photo set to harken back to his Harry Burns days. You can almost hear him whispering the words that melted the love-scarred heart of Sally Albright: When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. Swoon!

Comedy pals like Richard Lewis and Ben Stiller sent their good birthday wishes, but many of Crystal’s replies consisted of fans praising their Borscht Belt heartthrob.

That part we understand, but it’s the ladies deciding to cosplay Harry Burns that had us a little off guard.

Looks like the guy still knows how to make his fans meow. 

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