Kevin Bacon Was in a Band Called Footloose When He Was 15

Presumably, their concerts were strictly dance-free
Kevin Bacon Was in a Band Called Footloose When He Was 15

When Kevin Bacon got the call that he landed what would be his breakout role as Ren McCormak in the 1984 film Footloose, there had to have been a small part of him that thought it was all an impressively elaborate prank.

As the prolific movie star discussed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, Bacon spent some time in his teenage years playing drums in a band called Footloose — well, technically it was called Chet Brown and Footloose, then Jet Brown and Footloose, but there’s no such game as “Six Degrees of Chet/Jet Brown,” so we’re going to focus on the part that involves Bacon.

Bacon scoffed at Kimmel’s suggestion that the movie Footloose may have been an act of fate — maybe if Bacon also had a DJ career under the stage name Tremors, he’d accept that there’s someone looking out for him upstairs.

Bacon alluded to some supposed archive footage that shows him and Footloose rocking out — hopefully, one day he takes the tape to a late-night appearance and shows us how he really gets down. We’ll be combing the audience shots for John Lithgow.

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