Kick Out the Jams With This CES-Featured Smart Uke — Now 20 Percent Off

Kick Out the Jams With This CES-Featured Smart Uke — Now 20 Percent Off

You may not have even heard the term “smart ukulele” before right now, but don’t worry, that overwhelming rush of emotion you’re feeling is to be expected. Yes, it’s true, smart ukuleles exist, even having been featured at CES. And because the Populele 2 Smart Concert Ukulele was featured at CES, we’re including it in our discounts on tech innovations seen at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show.

Now through 11:59 p.m. Pacific on March 5th, you can score big discounts on all kinds of cool as-seen-at-CES tech — no coupon required.

The Populele 2 makes playing the ukulele easier than ever, because we know you have been dying for a way to simplify playing the ukulele. The innovative smart fern-style fretboard makes it easier to see your fingers while you’re learning to play. With a vast song library of more than 100 songs, you can learn to play popular songs on the 56 LED fretboard. It’s equipped with sound-responsive technology to give you instant feedback on your playing so you can correct yourself quickly if you make a mistake.

The lightweight smart uke is portable, so you can kick out the jams on the subway, walking around the neighborhood, in the park, or wherever you feel like the public needs to hear some uke. The PVDF carbon strings are soft to the touch, stronger in tension, and have high instability for more comfortable playing, while the fully enclosed 18-tooth piano twist makes it incredibly easy to stay in tune all the time. That carbon fiber material is also more environmentally friendly than most guitar strings.

We know you want to uke out. Now through March 5th, you can get the Populele 2 Smart Concert Ukulele for 20 percent off $199 at just $159.99.

Prices subject to change

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