The Last Three Presidents Play ‘Minecraft’ Together in a New TikTok Deepfake Satire

If Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Barack Obama were ‘Minecraft’ streamers, it would be just as dumb as this series
The Last Three Presidents Play ‘Minecraft’ Together in a New TikTok Deepfake Satire

A TikTok account has been using deepfake technology to create a drama series in which Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Barack Obama and other prominent political figures stream a shared Minecraft server — that sentence, of course, means nothing to anyone who doesn’t know what every one of those things are.

The account @deepfakenews has already accrued a six-figure follower count and millions of likes with a simple premise — what if the last three presidents were all Minecraft streamers who shared a game world? This decidedly stupid series is made possible with deepfake technology that allows us to listen to Biden telling his political opponent and Minecraft adversary Trump, “Dude, just build a wall. It’s what you’re good at.”

The channel has released seven different episodes in the last 10 days as the party of Biden, Trump, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Ben Shapiro continue to tear each other apart in the rectangular reality show. When aliens finally make contact with humanity, we should just show them this series to demonstrate how seriously we should be taken.


“Political Figures Playing Minecraft” might appear to be a nightmare amalgam of all of the strangest parts of modern media, and that's because it is. @deepfakenews has created something that would be completely inscrutable to anyone in 2003, and, likely, to many people today. 

Is this series a postmodern deconstruction of the state of political discourse in a post-truth era? Is it an absurdist warning on the dangers of deceptive technology? Is it a zoomer shitpost that's completely inaccessible to anyone old enough to have owned a CD collection? Is it all three and more?

Whatever the answer, “Political Figures Playing Minecraft” is averaging enough viewers per episode to crack the top 20 on the Nielsen charts. As deepfake entertainers continue to climb in numbers and popularity, the next frontier for A.I.-assisted entertainment may be in Minecraft streaming.

Excuse me while I self-lobotomize with a diamond pickaxe.

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