A Brief History of Every Eddie Murphy Celebrity Feud

Some celebrities act like toddlers in need of ‘Daddy Day Care’
A Brief History of Every Eddie Murphy Celebrity Feud

With the possible exception of 60 to 65 percent of his more regrettable stand-up bits from the 1980s, we all love Eddie Murphy. Hes Axel Foley, Prince Akeem, and most recently, Dad Whos Forced to Put Up with Jonah Hill for an Hour and Fifty-Eight Minutes.

But apparently, not everyone loves Eddie Murphy (even in addition to those who shelled out eight bucks to see Norbit). Throughout his career, Murphys relationships with other celebrities have occasionally had a metaphorical banana stuck in the tailpipe of social decorum, such as his reported feuds with…

David Spade

This notorious spat began on Saturday Night Live, as part of Spades popular recurring segment in which he ridiculed celebrities with over-the-top, snide put-downs: Hollywood Minute, or as it would eventually be known, Big Talk From the Future Star of Joe Dirt 2. One fateful night, after tearing into the likes of Tony Danza and Heather Locklear, Murphys photo appeared, prompting Spade to say: Look, children, its a falling star. Make a wish.

Yeah, Murphy was not happy about this. According to Spade, come Monday morning, Murphy called the SNL offices and berated him for the joke, yelling, You dumb motherf**ker! Im off-limits, dont you know that? You wouldnt have a job if it werent for me. Reportedly, Murphy stayed away from the show, not even participating in anniversary specials, purely because of this one Spade burn. Eventually, the two reconciled thanks to the mediation of Chris Rock, and Murphy once again hosted SNL in 2019. 

John Landis

While reports that Murphy went through a bitter feud with his Coming to America co-star Arsenio Hall seem to have been fabricated, Murphy did clash with the original films director Landis, who also made classics like The Blues Brothers and An American Werewolf in London… and who was also famously tried for involuntary manslaughter (and eventually acquitted) for his role in the Twilight Zone accident that led to the deaths of three actors, two of whom were small children.  

After the tragedy torpedoed Landis reputation, Murphy had to fight the studio to convince them to hire his former Trading Places collaborator to helm Coming to America. According to Murphy, Landis showed up with a ton of attitude and publicly intervened in one of Murphys unrelated TV deals — at which point, Murphy claims he grabbed Landis around the throat and warned him to mind his own business. And when Landis reached out to grab Murphys balls, he cut his wind off, and the director fell down to the ground. Which is probably why Coming 2 America was directed by not John Landis.

Bill Cosby

Taking sides on this one shouldnt prove too difficult. Per Murphy, Bill Cosby was "s**tty" to him in a way that he wasnt with other comedians, lecturing the younger comic about his crude material — of course, this was back when a movie about a guy who gets randomly murdered by a Satanist was considered family-friendly content. Murphy publicly aired his frustrations with Cobsys arrogance and condescension in Raw

And while his stand-up may have been full of F-bombs and occasionally repugnant opinions, unlike Cosby, Murphy isnt, how do you say, a… goddamn monster? Murphy pointed out this fact when he hosted SNL, quipping, If you had told me 30 years ago that Id be this boring, stay-at-home house dad, and Bill Cosby would be in jail ... even I would have took that bet.

Cosbys publicist responded to the monologue by saying, One would think that Mr. Murphy was given his freedom to leave the plantation, so that he could make his own decisions; but he decided to sell himself back to being a Hollywood Slave. Which is the kind of thing one might expect from someone who has elected to take the job of being Bill Cosbys publicist.

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