‘Stream Snipers’ Are Bullying Dane Cook on Twitch

It’s a whole new way to bomb
‘Stream Snipers’ Are Bullying Dane Cook on Twitch

Apparently, watching Dane Cook bomb has become a spectator sport. 

Cook’s Twitter timeline has become a long series of invitations to watch him play soldier because as everyone knows, the stand-up comic is a “lifelong gamer.” So come check him out on Twitch, a platform where he shows up to “blow off steam, laugh w/ fans, bust chops & get Ws.” Righteous! There’s also a link to stream his comedy special, in case you were interested in his previous profession.

But it’s not all grins out there in gamerland. A bunch of virtual ne’er-do-wells are out to spoil Cook’s fun and earlier this week, he literally didn’t know what hit him. “Wow, this is crazy,” exclaimed the comic when unknown opponents nailed him with a string of blinding explosions. “Never seen anything like it.”

The dumbfounded look after a total takedown.

Cook was the victim of stream snipers, uninvited players “who wanted to annoy or possibly harass him,” according to gaming site Dexerto. The strategy was to disable Cook with a series of “flashbangs,” blinding bursts of white light that make playing Call of Duty: Warzone 2 virtually impossible. Though it wasn’t the game designers’ intention, the ability to load up on flash grenades is pretty useful for anyone who wants to irritate or troll someone. Someone like, say, Dane Cook. 

Was it a one-time deal? Cook better watch his back, says gamer site SVG, “as he appears to have become a prime target for bad actors.” Guess it takes one to know one. And as Cook’s Twitch channel grows in popularity, look for more redditors to ask the eternal question: “Did I just kill Dane Cook? Xbox, Record that!” 

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