More Third-Tier Cartoon Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Offs

More Third-Tier Cartoon Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Offs

Fire up the Mystery Machine -- Velma, the new HBO metacomedy starring Mindy Kaling, dropped this week. We guess the joke is that it features a character considered the fifth lead in the original Scooby Doo cartoons, a huge promotion for a gal mainly known for adjusting her glasses and exclaiming “Jinkies!” when the Creeper is revealed to be Old Man Carswell. If Velma's quirky humor, gratuitous gore, and naughty nudity make it a hit, it’s only a matter of time before other inconsequential animated favorites get the adult-cartoon treatment. We have a few suggestions.

The Krab

United Plankton Pictures

There's more hiding under that crimson exoskeleton than meets the eye.

In the vein of The Bear comes The Krab, the story of Eugene Krabs returning to Bikini Bottom to restart his family restaurant after the heartbreaking death of his daughter, Pearl. Can his rough-around-the-edges kitchen crew, mostly made up of wayward crustaceans, become his chosen family?

Vanderquack Rules

Walt Disney Television Animation

“Rot in hell, McDuck!”

While DuckTales focused on the interpersonal family dramas of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Vanderquack Rules shines the spotlight on Webby Vanderquack as she attempts to build her show biz future and find love. In the season premiere, she intends to remain “friends” with Louie, but when he breaks their unspoken rule about hooking up with platypuses, all bets are off!

Phil the Gap

Klasky Csupo Productions

Are we sure Phil isn't Lil?

The Rugrats gang hasn’t been the same since Lil mysteriously disappeared. No problem -- Phil is convinced he’s twin enough to fill the hole in the toddler friend group all by himself. But is Phil possibly the reason Lil went missing in the first place?  Better not turn your back, Chuckie …

Stop Ron Stoppable!

Walt Disney Television Animation

I am the one who panics and flees.

When Kim Possible comes to her senses and dumps the bumbling Ron Stoppable, the involuntarily celibate sidekick goes on a Breaking Bad-style descent into madness. 

Mr. Pesto Goes to Washington

Wilo Productions

"Let's hope this insurrection ends pizza-fully."

Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Jimmy Pesto Sr. on Bob’s Burgers. Since around January 6, 2021, to be precise. Now he’s back and ready to overthrow the government--from the inside! Can one conniving freshman Congressman get to the bottom of Hunter Biden’s laptop? If anyone can do it, says Tucker Carlson, it’s Jimmy Pesto, a proud Italian-American by attitude if not actual ethnicity. 

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