68 Mr. Bean Moments for Rowan Atkinson’s 68th Birthday

Let us all fall down a manhole for the man himself today
68 Mr. Bean Moments for Rowan Atkinson’s 68th Birthday

Every time Rowan Atkinson appears in a movie, TV show, interview, etc., he maximizes that comedic opportunity. Even if it’s playing Steven Wright's deranged psychiatrist. And that commitment to the bit, as well as his mastery of physical comedy and use of expressions, allows audiences to go back and watch his performances over and over again without them ever getting old, because there’s always something new to find.

The ultimate case in point is his most famous character: Mr. Bean. Instantly recognizable in the brown tweed suit and red tie, Mr. Bean has bumbled (and mumbled) his way to being beloved by audiences worldwide since the show debuted back in 1990. And even if Atkinson doesn't love playing him so much anymore, he’s just as popular today. That’s some amazing staying power for a character on a show that only had 15 episodes.

So, to properly honor Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, Commander of the British Empire, on this, his 68th birthday, we’d like to share our favorite Mr. Bean moments and sketches over the years.

At the Hospital

New Year’s Eve Party

Painting His House

The Hairdresser

Meme-Worthy Moment #1

The Mr. Bean cheating meme came from the television show’s very first sketch.

Meeting the Queen

At the Restaurant

The Church

Go Golfing

Laundry Bully

The Goldfish

At the Dentist

At the Cinema

Making a Sandwich

At the Swimming Pool

Commitment to the Bit

Atkinson has stated that the five-second shot of Bean on his bicycle overtaking the other cyclists in this scene was one of the most physically demanding of all of his Mr. Bean gags, because he had to pedal so hard before entering the frame and try to act like he wasn’t completely out of breath.

Running Late

The Awkward Drive Home

Art Disaster

In the Toilet

Saxophone Player

Bean the Surgeon

At the Beach

TV Aerial

The Magician

Bean Boogie

Meme-Worthy Moment #2

A screenshot from this scene in Mr. Bean’s Holiday helped spawn the “if you know what I mean” meme.


Taking the Train

Middle Finger

Christmas Day

Car Park Chaos

On a Plane


Static Generator

Mr. Bean’s Wedding

The Wrong Funeral

I Want to Be Elected

Mr. Bean and the lead singer of Iron Maiden team up to do an Alice Cooper cover for charity. It’s as crazy as it sounds.

Judo Class

Art Class

Going to Sleep

Interrogation Room

Seafood Dinner

Posting a Letter

Car Crashes

Trouble in Hotel

Heart Attack

Taking the Stairs

Meme-Worthy Moment #3

The Mr. Bean waiting/still waiting meme came from this scene.

Bathroom Mishap

Mr. Bean at the Olympics

Getting Up

Kung Fu Masters’ Snickers Ads

First-Class Flight

Mr. Bean on Ice

Blind Date

The Ride of Doom

Street Performance

Mr. Bean’s Car Destroyed by Tank

Cinema Policy Rules

A PSA short that ran before movies in theaters.

The Library

Funny Faces

Sleepy Driving

In Disguise

Dog Show

Guard Picture

The Nappy Disaster

Hopping Bean

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