Cook 14 Eggs At Once With This Ingenious Creation

Cook 14 Eggs At Once With This Ingenious Creation

This piece was written by the Cracked Shop to tell you about products that are being sold there.

You thought Black Friday was in the rearview mirror, but we're here to tell you it's like the T-rex in Jurassic Park: closer than it may appear. That's because between December 12 and 19, we're offering a Black Friday Redux, with all kinds of price drops and discount codes on cool products in the Cracked Shop. For instance, if you're a big breakfast person (literally, the kind who needs 14 eggs at once), now is the time to grab the Rapid Electric 14 Egg Cooker with Auto Shut-Off for 23% off. It’s certainly better than grinding bones to make your bread.

This clever kitchen appliance can make delicious eggs in a matter of minutes with just a single button. It can hard boil 14 eggs at once using practically no water thanks to its 360W power rating. You can easily adjust the water level with the marked measuring cup to adjust the cooking to your preferred level, and when the eggs are done cooking, the machine automatically shuts off to prevent overcooking (and as a safety precaution). When the eggs are done, they're perfectly cooked and ready to peel.

But it’s not all hard boiling. This machine can do anything you can think to do to an egg: poaching, soft-boiling, scrambling, making omelets, and even steaming foods that aren’t eggs. All it takes is a push of a single button on a machine that stores easily in studio apartments, dorm rooms, or any pantry. Everything you need to get started is included in the box: an omelet tray, two poaching trays, two boiling trays, and a measuring cup with piercing pin and manual.

Start making the perfect eggs with this Black Friday Redux deal. Now through December 19, you can get the Rapid Electric 14 Egg Cooker with Auto Shut-Off for 23% off at just $22.99. That's a whole lot of breakfast for just over $20.

Prices subject to change.

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