10 of the Best Jokes from This Week 12/11/22

10 of the Best Jokes from This Week 12/11/22

Another weird week has passed. We can all finally retire our Herschel Walker jokes. Twitter is somehow still around, even though it’s got a real 2002 Kmart vibe happening right now. And unless Kanye West appears to be running out of people willing to hear him out… unless he starts going door-to-door. It’s been a bit rough, so let’s take our minds off things with some of the best jokes we were able to find this week.

Stephen Colbert

“There’s some other big news, and it’s calling from inside the news, because starting at midnight last night, New York Times journalists and other staffers went on strike… Which explains today’s front page: ‘hoW dO u wErK pRinTEr? jAnET uSuAlLY dOeS THis. whERe JAnEt?!’”

Seth Meyers

“A charity in Australia recently attempted to break a Guinness World Record by lining up nearly 1,100 wrapped presents. It would beat the previous record holder: Someone whose parents just got divorced.”

Carlos Greaves

Trevor Noah

“An Illinois woman is suing the makers of TGI Friday’s mozzarella sticks because she discovered that they contained cheddar cheese, but no mozzarella. If you ask me, I’m impressed that these cheese sticks have cheese in them at all. I feel like most American cheese products, if you look at the fine print, it’s like, ‘Technically, this is sawdust and corn syrup, but we were thinking about cheese when we were mixing it.”

Ginny Hogan

Colin Jost

“What I don’t understand about this Kanye stuff is, if Jews do control the media, then how are we seeing a new interview with Kanye every day? Also, if Jews control the media, explain the 80-foot Christmas tree outside of NBC.”

J. Elvis Weinstein

Jimmy Fallon

Dahmer just became the third show on Netflix to hit 1 billion hours viewed in 60 days. And if someone mentions that at the office holiday party, do not split an Uber home.”

Laci Mosley

Jimmy Kimmel

“The news gets better for (Kanye) every day. He reportedly owes the state of California $600,000 in back taxes. You know you’re in a bad spot financially when your company was in the hole by $600,000 before you started telling people how much you admire Hitler.”

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