Travel The World With A Friend With 2 Dollar Flight Club Subscriptions On Sale

Travel The World With A Friend With 2 Dollar Flight Club Subscriptions On Sale

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If you've got a sense of wanderlust, you know it's a whole lot more fun to travel with a friend. For one, you’ll have English-speaking company in your jail cell if a handsome smuggler plants drugs in your luggage. They can also help bring down the cost of accommodations and stuff, which is more crucial than ever these days, airfare prices being what they are. Well, we're your friend too, so we're setting you up with an early Black Friday deal on Dollar Flight Club for you and a friend.

While you and your friend figure out your travel plans, Dollar Flight Club will be your airline headquarters, keeping you apprised of deals on flights from your home airport(s). Just select where you want to fly out of, and they'll send low fares on international flights and domestic flights directly to your inbox so you can jump on them while they're cheap. It’s a much better method than your usual strategy of “spin a globe and go wherever your finger lands.”

Dollar Flight Club members routinely save up to $500 on flights, which is part of why it's trusted by more than one million people worldwide. In addition to flight deals, you'll also get perks and discounts from DFC partners like Babbel, Huckberry, Acanela Expeditions, and more, as well as access to a wide variety of insightful travel tips from DFC's experts. Best of all, you can access alerts on all of your devices so you'll never miss the opportunity to lock in a deal.

Find out why Dollar Flight Club has earned 4.4/5 stars on Trustpilot and why Condé Nast Traveler writes "Dollar Flight Club has an impressive track record hunting down low-priced seats." During our Every Day is Black Friday event, you can get two lifetime subscriptions to Dollar Flight Club for you and a friend for just $74.99. That's more than $1,000 less than you'd pay with an ordinary subscription.

Prices are subject to change.

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