This Early Black Friday Deal Is The Ultimate Thanksgiving Tool

This Early Black Friday Deal Is The Ultimate Thanksgiving Tool

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Thanksgiving is coming, and like a Stark of Winterfell, you must be prepared to execute that turkey like a deserter from the Wall. Luckily for your bloodthirsty ass, this November, we're going hog wild by turning every day into Black Friday. That means that, counting down to Thanksgiving, you can find special, limited-time savings on all kinds of cool products. None, however, will help you out on the big day quite as much as the Mighty Carver Electric Knife.

Successfully funded on ABC's Shark Tank, the Mighty Carver is basically a carving knife that's shaped like a chainsaw. It may look like a novelty, but it functions like anything but. This remarkable chainsaw will make carving the turkey a seamless, unforgettable experience that will have your family screaming "The King in the North!" at the dinner table. The dual stainless steel blades and carving fork can be used on just about any food, and the guard helps you keep a consistent cut as you work through any meat. Despite its power, it's incredibly lightweight and easy to use, thanks in part to an ergonomic handle, so no one will know you’re concealing little baby biceps under your massive fur cloak.

When you're done cutting, Mighty Carver has a simple blade release that's safe and easy to use and a bar release for simple cleaning. Seriously, you can just take it apart and pop it in the dishwasher to be ready for making deli meats on Black Friday. Find out why user Ania writes, “Great design, sturdy parts, easy to use. And it's a really cool knife to pose for pictures. Best gift ever!”

Ahead of Black Friday, you can get the Mighty Carver Electric Knife for 17% off $83 at just $69.99, but act fast, because like the fall harvest ahead of the Year of False Spring, supply is limited.

Prices subject to change.

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