You Definitely Weren't Going To Find This Robe On Prime Day

You Definitely Weren't Going To Find This Robe On Prime Day

This piece was written by the Cracked Shop to tell you about products that are being sold there.

Prime Day is a great time to load up on electronics, beauty products, games, and all those fickle things you don't really need but kind of want. Well, at the Cracked Shop, we're doing you one better than Prime Day. In our Overstock Deals, we've got Prime Day–like prices on things that you actually need. Things that make you feel the compulsion of essentialism deep in your bones, driving you to click Add-To-Cart. Things like the DudeRobe.

DudeRobe is a bathrobe with a twist. You might not have known that the boring old bathrobe was due for a twist, but successful funding rounds on Kickstarter and ABC's Shark Tank beg to differ. The people demand a robe with a hood, as they should. Remember when you were a baby and your mom wrapped you up in a little hooded towel after bath time so your tiny nog wouldn’t do a chilly? Was that the shit or what? With DudeRobe, you don’t have to give up that feeling of secure comfort while also looking like a baller.

This robe is perfect for getting out of the shower, lounging around the house, walking the dog, drinking Corona Extras on your front lawn, or whatever else you feel like. It has a hoodie fit and style, made of premium sweatshirt, and a belt permanently attached so you can get decent at a moment's notice. It event has shorts and pants options so you can protect the family jewels as well as yourself from accidentally getting you added to the sex offender list. Better yet, DudeRobe has even updated the design recently, eliminating all the DudeRobe branding on the outside so you’re not obligated to act as a walking billboard (though you’ll be singing its praises to all within longsuffering earshot).

You weren't going to find this one on Prime Day, but you can in the Cracked Shop. From now until November 10, you can get DudeRobe for 45% off $148 at just $79.99.

Prices subject to change.

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